Menopause Skincare - How to Look After Your Skin

Menopause Skincare - How to Look After Your Skin

Menopause is a natural biological process, but that doesn’t mean the shifts that happen in your body can’t be hard to deal with. Menopause marks the end of your menstrual cycle, but it’s linked to far more complex changes. One significant change it brings with it is to your skin. As hormone levels drop, you might notice your skin become dry, thin, and slack, but with proper care, you can help restore your skin’s vitality.



How to improve your skin during menopause

Here are some ways you can lessen the effects of menopause on your skin.

  1. Cleanse every day

Washing your face and body every day to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils can help improve the appearance of menopausal skin. Always use a mild cleanser like Estro’s Bio-Soothing Cleanser, nourishing and firming even sensitive skin. Conventional face wash and soap can be too drying for mature skin. 

Detoxing your face before bed will remove all the pollution from your day, while cleansing first thing in the morning will remove serums, creams, and any bacteria that might have accumulated overnight. Cleansing in the morning also primes your skin for your skincare routine (hyperlink to pending skincare routine blog). 

It’s also essential to exfoliate your face and body at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and allow new cells to surface. This also removes any dirt that your cleanser might have missed and helps prevent acne.   

  1. Protect from the sun

During menopause, as your estrogen levels drop, so does your melanin production. Melanin protects your skin from UV damage. Skin is already sensitive to sun damage, but during menopause, your skin is even more vulnerable. Sun damage is a leading cause of skin cancer, but it can also have visible effects in the form of wrinkles, sunspots, and a reduction in elasticity. 

Always wear an SPF 30 sunscreen or moisturizer on your face, even on overcast days. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause skin damage, even in colder climates. When exposing yourself to direct sunlight, use broad-spectrum SPF 50 for your whole body. 

It is thought that ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure can be beneficial to menopausal skin, but this should only be in the hours before noon and after 4 pm when the sun’s rays are less intense.


  1. Adjust your diet 

Foods high in natural collagen and healthy fats can help preserve your skin’s youthful appearance. Fish, chicken, egg whites, and fruit are all collagen-rich and will make up for your skin’s depletion in collagen. Salmon, mackerel, and avocados also contain omega-3 that maintain bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis that increases during menopause. 

  1. Reduce stress

Increased stress can make your skin more sensitive, dry, and vulnerable to conditions like psoriasis. Stress can also speed up the development of worry lines and forehead wrinkles and make you more likely to miss out on steps from your skincare routine. 

With your changing hormones, stress is a natural part of menopause, but you can do things to reduce it. Incorporating gentle exercise into your routine, like daily walks or practicing meditation and yoga, can help release stress. Getting a good night’s sleep can also help and prevent dark circles and eye bags from forming. Aim for seven to nine hours every night for the best effects. 

  1. Invest in your skin 

Investing in high-quality products to rejuvenate your skin and revamp your skincare routine can help slow down the effects of menopause on your skin.

Estro products focus on keeping estrogen-deficient skin hydrated all day long. Menopausal skincare should be safe for all women, and Estro’s products are a natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Bio-soothing Cleanser detoxes and nourishes skin for all three stages of menopause. Say goodbye to menopausal dryness that’s made worse by harsh cleansers.

Phyto Powerhouse Serum ramps up collagen production and locks in moisture for up to 24 hours for smoother and more supple skin. 

Phyto Repair Night Cream is an intensive treatment for the final step of your nighttime skincare routine. Powerful stem technology firms and restores your skin’s natural glow. 

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